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Fish skin is a commodity that many of today regarded as residual waste when the fish is prepared. But not with me! I take advantage of almost all fish skins and freeze them, then tanned to a fine, smooth and durable leather.

Fish skin has different patterns, depending on the species. Fish skin is small and easy to handle. It’s fine to tan them at home in the kitchen with ingredients from the fridge and nature.

I tan mostly with bark of various kinds, but also with foodoiltanning. Powder bark extract Quebracho also used. The bark is brown skins in various colors depending on the bark used. The cooking oil gives the skins a more natural color. The method is 100% environmentally friendly! and it is something I value in today’s society.

Options on good fish skin is salmon, lake, trout and pike. The salmon skin get a beautiful pattern, clearly visible where the mountains have been. The lake has small scales and therefore becomes spotty in appearance. A ruggit skins obtained by Pike, it will not be visible at all scales of the pockets.
Do you own skins that you want tanned and possibly something sewn so that’s fine. Important is that you freeze the skin as soon as possible.

I perform other sewing services. Exchanges of zippers, precipitates, leather work etc. Even less fur work gloves go well.

Madelene Westerlund


Madelene Westerlund’s me who is behind the company Mad (d) e in Bergö. The idea about my business was born after a course in fish skin tanning. Absolutely unbelievable that you could take advantage of something that would otherwise just throw away, and make it a truly wonderful material. With ingredients from nature and the fridge to help and then get to create different products none are alike.

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